Biltong: The perfect portable protein snack

Biltong: The perfect portable protein snack

1st Oct 2018

Health conscious consumers know by now that it is best to always have a healthy snack at hand. Many will even confess that they snack more often than eating a proper meal.

Convenience stores very often stock unhealthy snacks, so it is smart to travel prepared. Beef biltong is a convenient, high protein snack that can be taken anywhere. It's not messy, It's also really healthy and doesn't require any preparation or refrigeration.

Healthy eating (and the Paleo lifestyle in particular) is all about going back to the basics of nutrition. The emphasis is not only on natural ingredients with tons of good nutrients, but also on taste, texture and flavor. Toby's Ultimate Grass Fed Beef Snacks address all the requirements of healthy, versatile protein snacks:

  • Loaded with protein, sourced from free range, organic grass fed cattle
  • Cured, spiced and flavored with all natural ingredients
  • No harmful antibiotics or hormones
  • No nitrites or nitrates
  • No sugar
  • No GMOs
  • Non processed meat, air dried to perfection
  • Small, airtight packaging
  • Can be kept for up to six months
  • Can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime
  • Low in fat, high in omega 3 fatty acids

Toby's Air Dried Beef Biltong and Sticks are perfect for active people, for those who love the outdoors, for sport enthusiasts, for travelers, business men, housewives, students and school kids. Always in a hurry? Need a quick snack on the run? You've found it! The perfect portable protein snack!

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