Can Biltong nourish my body?

Can Biltong nourish my body?

1st Nov 2018

Yes, it can! Toby's Air Dried Beef Biltong has all the right ingredients to provide not only a healthy, but also great tasting option. You can add it to you meal in so many ways, that you won't get bored any time soon!

Nutritional Facts:

1 oz. (28g) of Toby's Biltong typically contains 2.5g fat (0% trans fat), 1g carbs and 16g protein. No sugar, healthy fats and an excellent source of lean protein. Only natural spices, nothing artificial. As a meaty product, it doesn't contain any fiber, but it can be combined with salad ingredients which will provide lots of it.

Remember, while enjoying your favorite biltong, you will also get thirsty more easily (due to the sodium) and this will cause you to drink more water. Plenty of water is good for weight loss and will also clean your body from the inside.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Don't get bored!

This is probably the no. 1 reason for quitting any nutrition program. You start out all well, only to get frustrated and bored with the limited options after a week or two.

Keep your meals interesting and don't follow a monotonous routine day in and day out. Perhaps you can include Toby's Air Dried Beef Biltong in one meal per day, or alternatively choose 3 or 4 days per week where you include them in at least two meals or one meal + one snack option.

2. Don't focus on weight loss

Yes, that might be your ultimate goal, but rather focus on eating healthier, smaller meals with optimal nutritional value. Think about the long term benefits: more energy, living life to the fullest, enjoying more time with family, rediscovering the outdoors... Take up a new hobby, get outside the home, start an exercising programme. Get active, get up, get out, reach out.

3. Get enough nutrients

While biltong will supply lots of protein, you will still need other nutrients. By including a variety of vegetables, fruit, salads, etc. in meals, you will ensure that you get in all the nutrients that you need. If you omit some food groups (e.g. dairy or carbs), take supplements as needed.

4. Keep track

Keep a diary or journal to monitor your progress. Weigh and measure yourself at least once a week and record it. Also write down what you've eaten and how you feel. By doing this, you can easily identify possible food intolerances, as well as which food gives you more energy and keep you full for longer.

If you start an exercise programme (which is highly recommended), write down specific goals. Even if you start really slowly, this will become a big motivator when you review the increase in your activity levels from month to month.

5. Always be prepared!

Never leave your home without a couple bags of Toby's Biltong! You may plan to be back before lunch, but life happens. When you're getting hungry and you don't have a healthy snack at hand, guess what? You'll stop at the nearest convenience store and buy something unhealthy, with lots of calories, sugar, carbs :-(

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